Spirit of Wilderness

Paintings of Lapland - Maalauksia Lapin maisemassa

In 2007 I made two visits to Lapland in the Arctic Circle which inspired me to respond to the experience in paint and clay. These were shown at the Great Atlantic Mapworks Gallery, Falmouth, and the One Church Street Gallery, Great Missenden, U.K. 

The first frosts arrive in September and the northern "taiga" (or forests) turns into a glowing tapestry of colour - the season of Ruska. The glowing lights of amber, yellow, red and dark green are amplified by the colours underfoot... patches of purple and pink bilberries coating slate grey quartzite rocks, or the powdery yellow-greys of the lichen. This luminosity is both magical and seductively disorientating. 



Lapland - Maalauksia Lapin maisemassa