The Fall

" Luminous goddess, numinous green in the warm water flowing within the stream,
resting against the strength of a giant rock, submerged , sleeping, anchoring.
Part of this world, part of the waters of Creation, his birth is through her.

No surprise they melt and sway within the gentle force of the river, fishes spawning hope of new life. For it is here above the waterfall that such mysteries are performed for those who will see, such intimate delicacy of life’s lightest dance

And a prelude to the severance and chaos of separation as water breaks from water in a thousand individualizations into the air, droplets of fire, calling, falling…

Small specks of light, initiated points of new life,
Never the same
Falling into awareness, blasted, blown and drifting down.

Then crash onto rocks with a roar of intent … I can and I will! The gift received.

.. and a child is born, a boy in blue, alive at the water’s edge
but then merging once more in a dancing river till out of sound and beyond my view. "