Jonathan Middlemiss sculptures in Trelissick Garden

Trelissick Garden is hosting a collection of sculpture created over the past weeks by the artist Jonathan Middlemiss. Called the Dance it is a series of figures created from timber, lime wood and sycamore, collected from the shelter belt of trees that protect the Garden

Internationally known as a ceramic artist Jonathan’s work can be seen in the Gallery near to the Garden entrance. Part of the work shown there is a series of clay figures that Jonathan made by wrapping clay around stick figures and burning the wood away. These clay figures represent the themes of this artist’s work. Ideas about stories, journeys and a ‘sense of place.’ The figures ‘dance’ expressing a spiritual response to their environment.

Jonathan wanted to further explore this way of working, to investigate the inspirational nature of a place of great natural beauty and to make and display sculpture from the materials of that place. He started by looking at the shapes created by the trees at Trelissick and discovered trees stretched and turned by competitive growth that appear to be dancing, taking on the appearance of figures or strange creatures. With minimal alteration, by removing bark and waxing the wood he revealed their hidden natures and stories. Placed in the Garden they can continue their Dance, a dance that continually changes as each day in the Garden changes.



"A new exhibition of work by Cornwall artist Jon Middlemiss is being hosted, in part by the National Trust.
The Dance forms part of his larger award-winning work, Temple, in which Middlemiss uses different media set in a series of spaces to express a personal healing journey."

" The Dance features nine sculptures of stripped lime and sycamore wood from trees grown in Trelissick. The link between this local source of material and the exhibition space itself -Trelissick Garden- reflects the strong sense of place which Middlemiss uses to illustrate his unfolding journey.
Visitors are invited to make their own journey by contemplating the dance movements suggested by the sculptures through their forms and shapes.

The Dance is part of Ceramica, a major arts festival taking place across Cornwall during May, June and July. It aims to show contemporary contemporary uses of clay alongside the traditional, as well as raising the profile of ceramics as an art form through various projects linking galleries, artists, schools and community groups across Cornwall.
A family activity pack is being produced to support the exhibition.

Jon Middlemiss is known for his precisely constructed ceramic vessels and sectional sculpture which have won him international awards and acclaim. Temple was created as a result of Jon winning a major South West Arts award in 2000, and the Trelissick exhibition is the first opportunity he has had to exhibit this new work in the region. The Dance, made entirely of wood represents a departure from Jon's traditional working medium.

The project is part-funded by South West Arts. The exhibition runs to June 23rd 2002."

From the WEST BRITON Thursday May 2nd 2002