The Transformation Game

“The Transformation Game is a joyful way of understanding and transforming the way you play your life. It's about looking at your life and the kinds of experiences you create, seeing how you react to them and how you can use these insights for your own growth. Through the Game you can become more aware of your personal strengths and learn important lessons that can deepen your understanding of how you operate on the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual levels. By providing new perspectives on current life issues, the game helps you clarify old beliefs and attitudes and transforms reaction patterns. “    (Joy Drake, Kathy Tyler – Findhorn Foundation)

I will be undertaking the facilitation training for the Transformation Game at the Findhorn Foundation this autumn. Afterwards I will be incorporating it into creative Wild Intelligence programmes and as a one day workshop.

Let me know if you want to know more or take part.

Development of meditation practice is a part of both the Transformation Game and other workshops or classes. I have given classes in meditation for over thirty five years. Please contact me for more details.

These are often combined with the above workshops or courses.