"Wilderness - the Dance"

"What wilderness does is present us with a blueprint of what creation was about in the beginning when all the plants and trees and animals were magnetic, fresh from the hands of whatever created them. This blueprint is still there, and those of us who see it find an incredible nostalgia rising in us, an impulse to return and discover it again".

Laurens Van Der Post

In a four week residency in 2002 I worked with the natural wild garden which forms the protective belt around Trelissick Gardens, Cornwall. During this time I made sculpture from saplings in the woodland and then assembled them as an installed exhibition in the ornamental gardens.
The concept of " Wilderness - the Dance" is a response to the wild energy of our planet and our relationship to landscape. Dancing with the wild natural forces has a long history in most indigenous cultures around the world, empowering their connection to the Earth. In this context "The Dance" is a celebration of the natural forms of a wild area brought into an adjacent cultivated one..

The theme continued at the Kemyel Crease Nature reserve in 2003, and further developments are planned.